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Gavin Scott

Hi, I’m Gavin. I was running before I could walk.

I have been involved with sport my entire life! Whether it’s been field sports such as rugby, cricket or hockey, or adventure sports such as cycling, kayaking, climbing and mountaineering.

I started in the Fitness industry in 2011 as a Gym Instructor and have since then completed various coaching diplomas across various different sports including my Personal Training Qualification.

I firmly believe all work should be play. Fitness should be fun and is there to be enjoyed.

If you are looking for a way to get fit and have fun while you do it then please get in touch

What is Akasa

Akasa Four Elements

Akasa (or Akasha) is a Sanskrit word that describes Infinite Space or Aether – The Fifth Element (the other four being Fire, Water, Earth and Air)

It is said to be the stuff where Gods and Celestial Beings are made, it is immortal, indivisable and indestructable. The other four elements can be affected by each other; But Akasa is the purest of them all and supersedes the other four in being incorruptible.

Consider it like a kind of enlightenment in fitness terms. Fitness, health and wellbeing are about balance in all areas of your lifestyle.

Fire = Motivation and Will, Water = Adaptability to Change, Earth = Endurance and Stability, Air = Peace and Freedom

By observing all four elements, one will become more rounded and therefore, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Think of the four elements as an easy guide to understand the virtues needed to maintain a training regime.

Akasa is your goal, your pledge, your target. The Four Elements are how you get there.

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